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Administrative Strucrure

The Administrative structure of the College is headed by the Provost, while the other divisions are headed by the most senior officers in such division[s] in the following units/division:
- Security Unit
- Students Affairs Division
- Internal Audit Unit
- Job Placement and Alumni Relations Unit.
- Public Relations Unit.

Security Unit

Just as it is synonyms with all security enterprises, the central pre-occupation of the unit include protection of lives and property, prevention and detection of crimes, maintenance of peace and safety on the campus and enforcement of all rules and regulations that fall within the capacity of the unit.

The existence of Security Unit in the Federal College of Education Abeokuta dates back to the inception of the College. The unit initially began with the employment of laymen as night guards and gatemen. These few guards were then supervised by some senior members of staff [Administrators or Lecturers] who had limited knowledge about security operations.

The body however metamorphosed later into its full status when retired officers from the Nigerian Armed Forces, Police, State Security Service and other paramilitary services were recruited to fill the various positions such as Chief Security Officer [C.S.O.], Security officers [S.O.] Patrol Supervisors, head guards and so on.

With the severance exercise [Federal Government Reform Exercise], which resulted in the exit of many staff in 2007? Eighty [80] guards on contract employment, under the auspices of ASO enterprises, were engaged in the unit. Mr J.A.Adeyemi (08034084892) is the current head of the unit.

Student Affairs Division

The Student Affairs Department is a unit of the Provost’s Office, saddled with the responsibilities of taking care of the welfare of the students of the College. The Unit ensures that the students comply with the rules and regulations of the College, maintaining decorum as it concerns. Students Union activities, clubs, societies and academic associations. The Unit is in charge of hostel allocation, issuance of students’ Identity Cards and supervision of bursary and scholarship awards to students by States among other students’ related activities.

The Student Affairs Unit is headed by the Dean of Students. The Dean, along with the Student Affairs Officer, carries out the day-to-day administration of the Unit. The current Dean of Students is Mr. Wikina Basil Ledogo [08037122400] assisted by the Student Affairs Officer Mr. Komolafe T. O [08038000697].

Internal Audit Unit

The Internal Audit of the College is a unit in the Provost’s office, established in 1988. The scope and responsibilities of the Internal Audit Unit include:

  1. Review of control systems, financial or otherwise to ensure compliance with the College policies, plans, procedures and with laws and regulations.
  2. Appraisal of the economy and efficiency of operations relating to the management and utilization of resources e.g. personnel, property, etc.
  3. Detailed examination of income and expenditure statement to ensure its correct recording, classification and allocation.
  4. Verification of assets and liabilities.
  5. Reporting of the divergences observed to the Provost
  6. Carrying out other duties that may be assigned by the Provost.
    The current head of the unit is Mr. Ogunwole, L.G. [08060907559].

Job Placement and Alumni Relations Unit

Job Placement and Alumni Relations Unit operates as a unit under the Provost office with a Coordinator as the Unit head. The unit has two major schedules, which are fused into one for ease of operation and administration.

Job Placement

The job placement aspect of the schedule of the unit was created to assist ex-students of the College to secure gainful employment after graduation. Other features of the job placement include:

  1. Identifying and liaising with prospective employers [private and public] with a view to assisting graduates of the College in securing employment.
  2. Obtaining feedbacks from the employers of the College graduates to determine their productivity level, with a view to informing the College on areas/aspects of its learning and teaching activities requiring adjustments or improvements.

Alumni Relations

The Alumni Relations is a vibrant schedule of the Unit. It serves as the focal point between the College and its ex-students.

Few aspects of the Alumni Relations schedule include:

  1. Liaising with and providing services for the FCE Alumni Association
  2. Monitoring the existing branches of the FCE Alumni Association throughout the country as well as coordinating the activities of the branches.
  3. Intimating members of the Alumni Association with development in the College vis-à-vis the Alumni Association and organizing Alumni re-union meetings.
  4. Relating with College student populace on matters that have to do with Alumni Association.
  5. Ensuring that fresh and outgoing final year students pay the required levies with the bank account of the Alumni Association.

    The current head of the Unit is Mr. Ebun Atinuke [08033184247].

Public Relations Unit

The Public Relations Unit is one of the units directly under the Provost’s Office. The unit is responsible for all public relations activities of the College, which include: information management, press relations and protocol activities.

These activities are being carried out by the Officers in the respective sections. The current head of the unit is Mr. Bola Adesina [08033396095].