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Office of the Special Assistant to the Provost

The Office of the Special Assistant to the Provost is a unit under the Provost’s Office. The Special Assistant to the Provost sees to the day to day smooth running of the office of the Provost, most especially when the Provost is out on official assignment.
The office of the S.A (Provost) is saddled with the following responsibilities / duties:

  • General administration of matters for the attention of the Provost.
  • Drafting and Issuance of general correspondence on behalf of the Provost.
  • Proof-reading letters addressed or typed on behalf of the Provost
  • Keeping custody of the Provost’s Confidential Registry in general.
  • Preparation of Annual Reports and Budgets Inputs for the Provost Office.
  • Liaising with the Registrar on Registration of Contractors Tender Analysis and preparation of briefs for the attention of the Provost.
  • Other duties directed to the office by the Provost from time to time.

The unit is headed by the Deputy Registrar (Provost Office) in the person of Mr. ‘Damola Adegbite and consists of the following Staff:

1 Mr. ’Damola Adegbite Deputy Registrar
2 Mr. I.A. Anyaowa Chief Confidential Secretary
3 Mrs. K.A Adeola Principal Confidential Secretary
4 Mr. O.A Olukoya Admin Officer II
5 Mr. O.A Adesina Senior Secretarial Assistant II
6 Mr. T.E Obadipe Chief Clerical Officer
7 Mrs. F.T Jimoh Senior Clerical Officer
8 Mr. C. Emekaram Clerical Officer II
9 Miss. Oluwapelumi Odetoyinbo Corps Member