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The Security Unit

As is obtainable in all Security Enterprises, the central pre-occupation of the unit includes protection of lives and property, prevention and detection of crimes, maintenance of peace and safety on the campus and enforcement of all rules and regulations that fall within the capacity of the unit.

The existence of the Security Unit dates back to the inception of the College. The unit initially began with the employment of laymen as night guards and gatemen. These few guards were then supervised by some senior members of staff [Administrators or Lecturers] who had limited knowledge of security operations.

The Security Unit however metamorphosed later into a professional Unit when retired officers from the Nigerian Armed Forces, Police, State Security Service and other paramilitary services were recruited to fill various positions such as Chief Security Officer [C.S.O.], Security Officers [S.O.] Patrol Supervisors, head guards.

With the severance exercise [Federal Government Reform Exercise], which resulted in the exit of many staff in 2007? eighty [80] guards on contract employment, under the auspices of ASO enterprises, were engaged in the Unit. Mr. J.A. Adeyemi (08034084892) is the current head (CSO) of the Unit.