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The Federal College of Education, Abeokuta Library named Gani Belo Library was established in the year 1977. It was later moved to its present permanent site, Osiele in July, 1983 from the temporary site at Isale–Igbein, Abeokuta.

The mission of the College Library is to assist the College community in providing adequate teaching and learning materials in pursuance of the objectives contained in the act establishing Colleges of Education.

1.1. Administrative Structure and Staffing

The College Library is accommodated in three (3) separate buildings. The first which is the oldest of the buildings is the main library accommodating the reading room, circulation section, reserve room and bindery unit. It can comfortably sit six hundred (600) users at a time. Library annex is a storey building where the College Librarian’s office is situated as well as the Reference and Serials sections. The third accommodation is also a storey building where the E-Library is situated. It can conveniently sit over 270 users at a time. It also accommodates the Cataloguing and Classification section and the Photocopying unit. The library has staff strength of thirty (30). These include: thirteen (13) professional Librarians, three (3) sub-professionals and fourteen (14) support staff.

List of Librarians and Qualifications

S/No. Name Status Qualifi-cation Area of Specialization
1. Dr. G. O. Oyewole College Librarian BLS; PGDE; MLS; Ph.D. Library Studies
2. Dr. (Mrs.) Olanrewaju, F. T. Deputy College Librarian B.Ed; MLS; Ph.D. Library Studies
3. Mrs. Olaotan, C. E. Deputy College Librarian B.A.; MLIS; PGDE; Library Studies
4. Mr. Ogunleye, M. M. B.



BLIS; MLIS; PGDE Library Studies
5. Mrs. F. O. Adedeji Senior Librarian BLIS; PGDE; MLIS. Library Studies
6. Mrs. V. O. Ajegbomogun Senior Librarian BLIS, PGDE Library Studies
7. Mr. J. A. Adesina Librarian 1 NCE; BLIS, MLS in view Library Studies
8. Mrs. E. K. Soyele Librarian 1   BLIS; PGDE Library Studies
9. Mr. S. A. Olawepo Librarian I NCE., DPA.,BLIS;   MLIS. Library Studies
10. Mrs. E. D. Nze Librarian 1 BLIS, MLIS, PGDE Library Studies
11. Mrs. O. J. Oyebola Librarian 1 B.Sc., MLIS. Library Studies

*Leave of absence
Dr. R. A. Egunjobi - University Librarian (Adekunle Ajasin University,
Akungba, Ondo State).
Dr. G. O. Onifade - College Librarian, Michael Otedola College of Primary
Education, Epe.

1.2. The College Library has the following divisions:

a. The Administrative division
b. The Technical services division
c. The Readers’ services division

The Readers’ services division is further classified into various sections thus:

1. Circulation section - This registered the following number of users for the

Year 2016

Students - Pre-NCE -
NCE (Full time) - 4,950
Part-time - 88
NCE (Sandwich) - 29
Degree - 1030
Teaching Staff - 283
Non Teaching - 290

Other sections within this division are:

2. Reference section – which takes delivery of students’ projects every year from the schools and kept such in the Reserved book room of the section for users’ consultation and referral purposes.

3. Serials section - This section houses academic journals magazines, Bulletin and Newspapers which contain current and authentic information meant for teaching learning and research purposes.

4. Reserved Room – Contains the most costly and hard to come by book materials meant for learners, Researchers and Lecturers purposes.

5. E-Library – This occupies a storey building with four halls containing a total of 250 desktop computers. The library has access to on-line books and journals available on some databases such as HINARI, AGORA, OARE and DOAJ. A highlight of the content of each of these databases is here stated:
HINARI: This provides access to Research in Health programme and major journals in Biomedical and related Social sciences.
AGORA: Interested library users can have access to digital library collection in the fields of Food, Agriculture, Environmental Science and related Social Sciences. It provides a collection of more than 3500 key journals and 3300 books to 2500.
OARE: It provides research in a wide range of disciplines such as Biology, Biochemistry & Microbiology, Genetics & Genetically Modified Species, Botany & Plant Biodiversity, Geology & Earth Sciences. This database also provides access to important international scientific search databases (A&I Databases), intellectual tools scientific tools scientific and professional communities use to search for information on specific topics within thousands of scientific publications from around the world.
JSTOR: The current content of this database includes more than 2,000 academic journals dating back to the first volume ever published, along with thousands of monographs and other materials relevant for education.
E-Granary: This is sometimes described as internet in a box. It is an offline database with over 30 million e-books and e-journals. It runs like internet. It has application that allows for uploading of researchers locally.

Technical Services Division

This division has the following sections:
i. Classification and Cataloguing
ii. Acquisition
iii. Reprographic

1.3 Capacity Building and Manpower Planning

One professional Librarian bagged his Ph.D during the year under report. Three of our Librarians got elevated to higher posts, while one sub-professional got new appointment as Librarian II, and one new Librarian was appointed as Librarian I. Also, three junior staff were posted to the Library as Clerical Officers while the former College Librarian, Prof. E. G. Okeh withdrew his service from the College. During the same year, Dr. R. A. Egunjobi secured an appointment as University Librarian with Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba, Akoko, Ondo State while Dr. G. O. Onifade bagged his Ph. D and also secured a second term at the Michael Otedola College of Primary Education, Epe, Lagos State.

1.4 Physical Development

Owing to paucity of funds the landscaping of Library environment is planned in phases. The first phase has been completed while the second phase has also commenced. The final phase is to have a cover walkway linking the three buildings.

1.5 Collection Development

The Library collection development witnessed a high level of success. It has over well 50,000 titles besides serials and reference materials. The library also secured access to free on-line electronic databases such as JSTOR, OARE AGORA, HINARY, DOAJ etc.