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The Health Service Department has been an integral part of the College Community since the inception of the College. It was established on 1st August, 1977 in a one-room apartment at the temporary site at Isale-Igbein. It was eventually moved to a 3 bedroom apartment at the permanent site in 1983. The department was initially headed by Mrs. M.A Adetunji (Rtd Chief Nursing Officer). She managed the department with the occasional assistance of Youth Corps Doctor till 1997.

The center caters for the healthcare needs of all members of the College community. These include the Regular, Sandwich, Pre-NCE, as well as, students of the Model Secondary School, Staff and their dependants, non-staff client of the center under the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) and private patients from far and near.

The Head of the Medical Center is Dr. Tijani Avovome (Ag. Medical Director)