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The Directorate of Academic Planning was established during the second semester of 2005/2006 academic session with the mandate to assist the office of Deputy Provost to plan, execute and monitor Academic programmes of the college. The Directorate was domiciled in a separate building outside the Deputy Provost office.

The Mission Statement of the Directorate:

  • Planning of yearly academic calendar for NCE I, II and III full time students and other college activities.
  • Planning of lecture time table for NCE I, II and III for all full time students.
  • Planning, implementing and monitoring of end semesters examination time table for all level full time students only and with end of semester examination report.
  • Research and statistics.
  • Packaging short and long term strategic plans (Academic)
  • Holding regular stake holder meetings.
  • Evaluating and monitoring all academic programmes.
  • Liasing with Centre for Degree Programme (CEDEP) and Centre for Sandwich and Pre-Nce Programme (CESAPREP) in planning their Academic Calendar.
  • Representing and packaging the Academic staff in all Tetfund related intervention

The Director
dirThe incumbent Director of Directorate of Academic Planning is Mr. Abati O. A. a Chief lecturer in Business Education, in School of Vocational Education. The Director holds Master Degree in Business Education and currently on his Phd programme at Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye. He has held several positions such as Dean, School of Vocational Education, Head of Department, Business Education, Siwes Coordinator etc.
The Director co-ordinates the day to day activities of the Directorate with active co-operation of other staff members.

• He supervises the planning and production of Academic Calendar for each session and presents same to the Deputy Provost for ratification and further directives.
• He supervises the planning and production of Lecture time-table for each semester.
• He carries out monitoring of Academic activities to ensure the following:

  1. Smooth conduct of lectures and examination
  2. Prompt marking and collation and submission of examination results
  3. Prompt release of examination results
  4. Monitor the facilities for teaching to ensure availability and adequacy.




1. Mr. Abati, O. A. Director, DAP
2. Mrs. Ukpe, F. C. Deputy Registrar, DAP
3. Mrs. Dagunja, O. C. Snr. Asst. Registrar, DAP
4. Mrs. Akindele, A. J. Admin. Officer 1, DAP
5. Mrs. Ogunmuyiwa, G. B. Chief Sec. Asst., DAP
6. Mrs. Odesanya, M. T. Chief Clerical Officer, DAP

Achievements/Accomplishments of Directorate of Academic Planning
1. The operational office of DAP moved from old site to the present location at the former PRO’s office on 1st June, 2015.
2. The Directorate ensured timely production of Academic lecture time-table.
3. There was prompt production and release of first and second semesters examination time-table for academic sessions.
4. The Directorate held meetings and consultations with relevant stakeholders such as The Deans, Directors, Examination Officers, Examination/Lecture Time-table committee e.t.c and ensured smooth running of the college Academic Planning.
5. The Directorate also carried out effective monitoring and evaluation of the conduct of all examinations during academic sessions. The diligency of operation in conjunction with relevant stakeholders reputes the examination processes and accords or move integrity to the college graduands.
6. The Directorate facilitated the compliance and adherence to college academic calendar through meetings, memo and consultations.
7. The Director was very proactive and pragmatic about any issue affecting students and ensures that they were all given adequate attention.
8. The Directorate collaborated with CEDEP, CESAPREP to ensure that the contact session were hitch free, including the conduct of their examination.
9. The Directorate offer assistance to CEDEP during the Accreditation exercise just concluded. The Directorate input was applauded by the CEDEP Directorate.

Physical Address: Old PRO’s office, Central Administrative building