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The Internal Audit of the College is a unit under the Provost’s Office, created in the year 1988, with an officer, Mrs. Ogunsanya, a Youth Corps Member in charge. In recognition of the importance of the Unit, two other youth corps members, namely: Messrs Osinowo and Aribisala were later redeployed to the unit. In the year 1992, Mrs. F. F. Sogaolu was redeployed from Bursary Department to head the unit.
She was succeeded by Mr. I. G. Olawuni as the head of the unit when she became the Bursar of the College and relatedly when Mr. Olawuni, G. I was appointed the Bursar of the Federal College of Education, Okene, Mr. Alabi, A. O took over from him as the Head of the Unit. In 2010 Mr. Ogunwole, L. G took over from him as the head of the unit.
To be a functional unit that will provide excellent services in line with the best practices all over the world.
The vision will be achieved through the efficient and effective implementation of the rules, regulations and policies of the Federal Government and the College through:
 Maintaining high level of professionalism, integrity and transparency
 Information Technology compliant in our auditing activities
 Timely auditing of Payments and receipts accounts
 Prompt rendition of reports, etc
The scope and responsibilities of the unit include: (FR S.1703 and Internal Audit Manual S I.5)
 Review of control systems, financial and other wise to ensure compliance with the College policies, procedures, laws and regulations.
 Appraisal of the economy and efficiency of operation relating to the management and utilization of resources e.g. personnel, property etc.
 Detailed examination of income and expenditure statement to ensure its correct recording, classification and allocation.
 Verification of assets and liabilities
 Reporting of the divergences observed to the Provost
 Carrying out other duties that may be assigned by the Provost
The Internal Audit is headed by the Head of Internal Audit and is directly under Provost Office. For administrative conveniences, the unit is further divided into four (4) Sections namely: (i) Salaries and Wages/Pension; (ii) Expenditure; (iii) Revenue and (iv) Stores/Supplies, each being supervised by a most Senior Staff.
The staffing position of the unit in 2017shows that the unit has (16) Sixteen members of staff, comprising of professionals, Para-professionals and other support staff like the Secretary, Clerk e.t.c.


1 Mr. L. G. Ogunwole Head Internal Audit 14
2 Mr. S. O. Ohiku Deputy Director Audit 14
3 Mr. W. A. Ayankola Chief Executive Officer (Audit) 13
4 Mr. O. K. Ogunsanya Principal Internal Auditor 11
5 Mrs. O. O. Faniran Principal Internal Auditor 11
6 Mrs. C. O. Oladokun Principal Internal Auditor 11
7 Mrs. R. O.A Tawose Senior Internal Auditor 09
8 Mr .O. O. Oyero Senior Internal Auditor 09
9 Mr. M. A. Adebayo Principal Executive Officer (Audit) 09
10 Mr. D. O. Amowie Auditor I 08
11 Mrs. Ogundipe F. R Higher Executive Officer (Audit) 07
12 Mr. O. K. Sanu Accountant II 07
13 Mrs. E. A Adeboye Higher Executive Officer (Account) 07
14 Mrs. E. O Akinyemi Executive Officer (Audit) 06
15 Mrs. D. O. Sokunbi Principal Conf. Secretary 09
16 Mrs. H. O. Adejumo Chief Clerical Officer 06


Some staff of the Directorate have been exposed to International and local conferences in the recent years. In addition, the College Management supplied laptops to all the Senior Staff of the Directorate for efficient and effective service delivery.
The unit have recorded the followings notable achievements in the recent years.
In terms of human resources, the Directorate has Nine qualified accountants, made up of four (4) ICAN members namely: (i) Mr. Ogunwole, L. G (ii)Mr. Ohiku, S. O (iii) Mr. Ogunsanya, O. K (iv) Mr. Amowie, D. O and Five (5) ANAN members namely: (i) Mr. Ayankola, W. A (ii) Mrs. Faniran, O. O (iii) Mrs. Oladokun, C. O (iv) Mrs. Tawose, R. O. A, (v) and Mr. Oyero, O. O.
i. The ADMON Audit Link was installed in the unit to enable it have an effective and efficient auditing.
ii. New Office accommodation was allocated to the Head of Unit in the new Administrative building while additional offices were given to some Audit Staff in the old building..
iii. The Head of Audit received Distinguished Service Award by CEFALAR, FCE, Abeokuta.

We are projecting to have a well computerised and efficient audit unit that will remain competitive in line with the best global practices. In addition, we are planning to have Internal Auditors in all the ventures and centres in the College that are yet to be served so that we can have effective checking and monitoring of their activities.
We want to appreciate the Provost and other Management members for the support and cooperation that have been making us to discharge our functions efficiently and effectively. In appreciation of this, we say a very big thank you to you all.
On a general note, we thank the College Management and other College Staff for your understanding and cooperation you have been extending to the Directorate.

Ogunwole, L. G(MBA, ACA, ACTI, MNIM)
Head Internal Audit