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The College has an Academic Board that comprises: the Provost as Chairman, the Deputy Provost, College Librarian, the five Deans of Schools, the Dean of Students Affairs, the Thirty-two Heads of Academic Departments and the Chief Lecturers, it has the College Registrar as its Secretary.

The Academic Structure of the College is divided into five (5) Schools and thirty-two (32) Academic Departments.


The academic board is saddled with the following functions:

  • Handling the direction and management of academic matters of the College, including the regulation of the admission of students, award of certificates, diplomas, prizes and other academic distinctions;
  • Making periodic reports to the Governing Council on such academic matters as the Academic Board may think fit or as the Council may from time to time direct, and
  • Discharging of any other function which the Council may delegate to it.


S/No. Designation Role
i Provost Chairman
ii Deputy Provost Member
iii Registrar Secretary
iv Librarian Member
v All Deans Member
vi Director, Academic Planning Member
vii Director, CEDEP Member
viii Director, CESAPREP Member
ix Director, CECECO Member
x Director, CET Member
xi Director, Computer Centre & Services Member
xii All HODs Academic Departments Member
xiii HOD, Sandwich Member
xiv HOD, Pre-NCE Member
xv Coordinator, CECECO Member
xvi Coordinator, SIWES Member
xvii Coordinator, Teaching Practice Member
xviii All Chief Lecturers Member
xix Two (2) Academic Staff other than Head of Department appointed by the Council Member
xx Coordinator (NCE Part-time) In Attendance
xxi DR (Exams & Acad. Board Matters) In Attendance
xxii AR (Exams & Acad. Board Matter) In Attendance